Group demands to retain Martial Law in 6 provinces of Sulu


The Save Sulu Movement claimed that the declaration of Mindanao wide Martial Law cannot be felt in some parts of Mindanao since kidnappings and other form of terrorist activities still continues.

Prof. Octavio Dinampo, Save Sulu Movement spokesperson demands for complete military takeover in 6 provinces of Sulu.

The 6 provinces are Patikul, Maimbung, Indanan, Parang, Talipao and Kalinggalan in Caluan in Sulu.

Dinampo alleged that the problems in the 6 provinces of Sulu were not resolved through the declaration of Martial Law for some local politicians are linked to the Abu Sayyaf Group.

Dinampo said that his group would like to appeal to President Rodrigo Duterte to retain Martial Law in the 6 provinces of Sulu even after the Marawi Siege.