Green to Red: Fema Duterte flexes her BBM merch


The Presidential relative showed her utmost support to BBM.

Fema Duterte, relative of President Duterte, after spending so much activities to boost her Sara 2022 initiative, has decided to vote of no less than Bong Bong Marcos. On her Facebook, the Politiko revealed that she’s going for the BBM-Bong Go tandem in 2022 and flexed some of her newest ballers, and merch.

“Salamat po sa first baller, hats & T-shirts, slipper for me today- limited editions from BBM National Headquarters. ✌️🇵🇭✌️
( Headquarters is located at EDSA,Mandaluyong City )
“, she wrote.

The Presidential relative used to be an active participant in pushing for the Presidential daughter’s bid in the 2022 elections.