Gov’t forces seize Abu Sayyaf’s motorboat, weapons in Sulu

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Government troops have captured motorboat and firearms allegedly owned by the Abu Sayyaf bandits in Sulu, military said.

Members of the Joint Task Force (JTF) Sulu and the Philippine National Police seized from an alleged Abu Sayyaf coddler M16A1 rifle, Caliber .45 pistol, magazines, and a motorized bangka of the militants during a joint operation in Barangay Tainga Bakkao, Banguigui Sunday, March 10.

The JTF Sulu said the Abu Sayyaf utilized the motorized bangka to flee from several armed engagements in mainland Sulu.

The information came from a civilian in the area.

Brigadier General Divino Rey Pabayo Jr., JTF Sulu commander, said the recent involvement of the populace in its campaign is a clear indication that terrorists are losing the support of the public.

“With the active support of the Tausug communities, I am confident that the problem with the Abu Sayyaf will soon be over,” he added.