Gov. Philip Tan shares his recipe for Vitamin C rich drink


The Politiko urges his constituents to do the same.

Misamis Occidental Governor Philip Tan emphasized the need for additional healthy supplements as an additional measure to combat COVID-19. On his Facebook, the Politiko shared some photos of him drinking his Vitamin-C rich drink.

“Akong i bida karon si Calamansi rich in Vitamic C better than whats available in the pharmacy its natural, organic and fresh puede ra nimo itanom sa luyo sa balay ug naa kay 5 ka punoan Ug 5 ka punoan pod nga kapayas aw libre na imong vitamins everyday”:, he wrote.

He said that just adds cool or tap water to his calamansi drink, and takes it without sugar after 5 or 10 minutes. He also advised eating papaya or banana for a complete vitamin-rich experience.