Gov. Mang Sali highlights key achievements of his team


The Politiko ensures that no one gets left behind.

The Provincial Government of Tawi-Tawi, led by Governor Mang Sali, along with First Lady Hja. Jumda A. Sali, VG Tati Ahaja and some Board Members reiterated their goal to continuously deliver the best service Mapun, Tawi-Tawi deserves.

During an event, Gov. Mang highlighted the key developments in the province, including the goal to finish covered courts and the repairs of some schools. MSU-TCTO Mapun JHS received 1000 sacks of cement and financial aide for the construction of 150m pavement connecting to the mosque of MSU.

Further, the office endeavors to allocate 3000 reams of bondpaper and 2 photocopy machines for the learning institutions of the municipality.

The LGU further eyes to prioritize schooling, to provide conducive places for pupils to learn and hopefully after this Pandemic and when all is back to normal, all shall enjoy the newly renovated school buildings.