Gov. Kaka Bag-ao’s team beefs up vaccination drive


The province’ Vaccination day was joined in by a lot of locals.

Sexplained that there is no fear of vaccination because since March vaccination has started and there has been no reported any negative side effect ects are the vaccinated health workers and people. It’s also stated that there are all brands of vaccine and it’s all effective against COVID-19.

Governor Kaka Bag-ao’s team recently beefed up their efforts to inoculate more individuals who took part in the National Vaccination Drive. Locals participated on the first day of National Vaccination Day. The Politiko, alongside San Jose Municipal Health Officer Sarah Reem Hesham Mohamed Hagag, encouraged more people to get vaccinated so the province may reach herd immunity.

San Jose Mayor Yngwie Hero B also attended the event. Ecleo and waiting for his joy to the people he has gone to vaccinate.