Gov. Jayvee Uy reminisces his college days


The youngest governor of Mindanao shared a glimpse of his student life.

Davao De Oro Governor Jayvee Tyron Uy posted on Facebook about missing Cebu and eating at “pungko-pungko” back in college.

But first, what is this “pungko-pungko” he’s talking about? These are food stalls along the street which sell an assortment of fried foods like lumpia, bola-bola, longganisa, fried chicken, buwad (dried fish), utok (brain), and the crowd favorite: ginabot, the Cebuano version of chicharon bulaklak. These stalls are aptly named, as “pungko” is the Cebuano term for “squat” or “crouch” – which one would usually do while eating in these iconic shops.

Now, we can just imagine Gov. Jayvee as a college student eating in pungko-pungko, waiting for his next class with his classmates. He studied medical technology in Veluz College in Cebu before getting his master’s degree in public administration in Ateneo de Davao University.

I miss Cebu! My college life with pungko-pungko!

Posted by Jayvee Tyron L. Uy on Wednesday, October 7, 2020