GenSan LGU honors 147 public servants


The city government of General Santos has conferred award to 147 individuals who have served the local government unit (LGU) with utmost dedication.

Mayor Ronnel C. Rivera, along with Director Glenda I. Foronda-Lasaga of Civil Service Commission and other local government officials, led the “Gabi ng Parangal 2019” of the Gensan LGU held Friday, November 15, at Phela Grande Convention Event Center.

“A total of 147 awardees who have served the Local Government Unit of General Santos for years and recognized their dedication in delivering services as public servants were honored,” the city government said.

The awardees received plaque of recognition, bracelet/necklace with a pendant of the city seal for loyalty awardees, and ring barrel for retirees.

There were 19 awardees for 15 years in service, one awardee for 20 years, 10 awardees for 25 years in service, 43 milestone awardees for 30 years, 11 milestone awardees for 35 years, 2 milestone awardees for 40 years and 61 retirees.

“May this Gabi ng Parangal not only inspire you but will also motivate you to become more focus on learning more on how you can contribute to a better public service a line with a mission and vision of our city. General Santos City will never be the home of the Champions without the great contribution of the champion himself,” said Rivera during the event.