Full circle! Inday Sara Duterte completes prayer journey


The winning Davao City Mayor has reached her hometown after visiting several churches across the nation.

Presidential daughetr Inday Sara Duterte has completed her Bisita Iglesia journey with her favorite travel buddies, Ella and Delvis. The Politiko, who had been traveling from one city to another as part of the campaign caravan of Hugpong ng Pagbabago, has completed her journey with her last stop – Davao city.

“#34 of 35 Our Lady of the Assumption Church, Dauis, Bohol, a National Historical Landmark to mark the 2019 elections. God bless the Philippines! #church #itsmorefuninthephilippines #35 of 35 San Pedro Cathedral, Davao City on May 9, 2019 #prayerjourney has come full circle #chapterclosed”, she wrote.

Mayor Inday rides her bike, Ella, a Yamaha XSR 900, to visit key destinations as part of her Bisita Iglesia.