Iloilo Rep. Trenas wants financing scheme for jeepney drivers, operators interested in e-jeeps


To make way for the e-jeepneys, Iloilo Lone District Rep. Jerry Trenas is requesting government financial institutions to start offering easy and affordable credit access programs for jeepney operators and drivers interested in phasing out their old public utility jeepneys.

This can be done through government-owned financing institutions like the Landbank and the Development Bank of the Philippines, in partnership with pre-accredited e-jeepney manufacturers can set up a credit facility system which would cater exclusively for jeepney operators and drivers who want to trade their old jeepneys.

Aside from this, the removing these clunkers from the roads will greatly help the environment as these jeepneys are “virtual smog factories”.

However, before proceeding with these initiatives, Trenas said efforts must be done to ensure that the drivers are not financially displaced.

” We need to protect the livelihood of our drivers and their operators. We cannot just revoke their franchise and leave them high and dry without any option for livelihood,” the Iloilo solon said.