Fewer Dabawenyos get 2nd Covid-19 vaccine dose, says official


While over 100,000 individuals in Davao City have received their first dose of vaccine against coronavirus disease, only about a fifth of them have availed of the second dose so far, an official said.

Vaccination Cluster Head Dr. Joy Villafuerte said as of June 8, a total of 102,359 Dabawenyos have been inoculated with first dose of Sinovac, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer vaccines.

Of the total recipients, 29,534 were frontline healthcare workers who belong to the Priority A1 of the national government’s vaccination program while 53,778 were senior citizens under the Priority A2 group and 19,047 were persons with comorbidities.

Among the 29,534 medical frontliners, 20,310 received their first dose of the Sinovac vaccine while 8,559 got AstraZeneca vaccines, and 665 had Pfizer vaccines.

More senior citizens in the city were inoculated with the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccines with a total of 37,722 while 10,090 were injected with Pfizer vaccines and 5,966 received Sinovac jabs.

The first dose of the Sinovac vaccines was given to 11,825 persons with comorbidities while AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines were administered to 6,670 and 552 A3 individuals, respectively.

But Villafuerte said “fewer” Dabawenyos availed of the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccines.

She said a total 21,550 have so far been inoculated with the second dose.

Of those who have completed their inoculation, 20,679 came from the A1 priority group, 861 from the A2 group, and 10 from the A3 group.

The first dose vaccination for A1 and A2 listed individuals started earlier while the A3 vaccination began about two weeks ago, Villafuerte said.

President Rodrigo Duterte earlier urged Covid-19 vaccine first dose recipients to complete their jabs to have a better protection against the virus.