Fema Duterte to corrupt officials: Putulan na ‘yan ng ulo!

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The Presidential relative has had enough of these corrupt officials who never seem to follow the President.

Former Nayong Pilipino Board Member Maria Fema Duterte recently suggested having corrput officials decapitated as punishment of their deeds. On her Facebook, the Politiko shared a new clip of how President Rodrigo Duterte walked out of a meeting upon hearing about more cases of graft and corruption.

According to the President, his initiative to eradicate against graft and corruption seems to have no end, and is still evident in a lot of government agencies.

“Putolan mo ng mga ulo sila Mr.President! Hindi nahiya ginamit ka lang nila sa kanilang mga kapritso! Ay shit talaga!😂😂😂”, the Presidential relative said.

Ms. Duterte is currently running as Vice Mayor of Ginatilan, Cebu.