Fema Duterte throws some tea: Oo honest, honestly corrupt!


The Presidential relative has something to say on the on going word war between the Presidential daughter and Vice President.

Former Nayong Pilipino Executive Director Maria Fema Duterte thinks that the opposition is indeed honest, but not in a good way. On her Facebook, the Presidential relative shared her thoughts on the on-going word war between Mayor Inday Sara Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo, and their feud on honesty as a requirement in the elections.

“On Honesty issue: Pwede! Very respectfully honest & sincerely corrupt. Eh di Wowwww!
😁😆😂”, she wrote, which was bombarded by comments agreeing to the statement.

The honesty feud among the women stems from the alleged falsification of Gov. Imee Marcos’ educational background on her credentials.