Fema Duterte on corrupt officials: Gusto ko kayong makita ma-Tokhang!


The Presidential relative, who recently claimed victory on the sacking of NPF Board Members, said she wants more corrupt officials to be punished.

Presidential kin Maria Fema Duterte recently said that she wants to see corrupt government officials to be punished. On her Facebook account, the former Nayong Pilipino Executive said that one of these days, she would like to witness a corrupt official sentenced, Tokhang style.

“I’d really want to see that one of these days may ma “Tokhang” na mga Corrupt. Mga leche kayo! #bigChangeIsHere”, she quipped, referring to the street term relating to the war on drugs, which includes vigilante-killing style of punishment.

This came after President Duterte fired the entire Nayong Pilipino Board Members and Military Officials in view of alleged misappropriation of funds.