Fema Duterte claims Nayong Pilipino spent P13M in unnecessary expenditures

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There’s no stopping this Presidential relative in her quest to reveal the alleged corruption in Nayong Pilipino.

Nayong Pilipino Executive Director Maria Fema Duterte took to Facebook her “findings” on the unnecessary expenditures spent by the previous management of the tourism agency. On her post, the distant relative of President Duterte said that a total amount of P13,143,733.43 for 2017 was used for suspicious transactions by the Board of Trustees including gas expenses, out of town meetings and excessive per diem allocations.

“Php 13,143,733.43 excessive, extravagant, unnecessary unconscianable expenditures in a year in Nayong Pilipino is called CORRUPTION!”, she wrote.

Ms. Fema has previously faced a cyber libel case filed by NPF Chair Patricia Yvette Ocampo. The rift between the two has reached the Palace as well.