Ex-NPA Sparu leader surrenders in Compostela Valley

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A former leader of the hit squad of the communist New People’s Army (NPA) has surrendered in Compostela Valley, military said Saturday.

Lt. Col. Palmer M. Parungao of Army’s 66th Infantry Battalion (IB), said that the unidentified former leader of NPA’s Special Partisan Unit (Sparu) also disclosed to the military about a cache of improvised explosive devices (IED) in the forested area of Sitio Sabina, Barangay Camanlangan, New Bataan.

The IEDs were supposed to be set up during the consolidation of Guerrilla Front 2 in Sitio Bantuayan of the same barangay last March. The troops confiscated the war material.

According to the military, the rebel gave up due to the hardships that he had been experiencing as he had to always hide and run without sleep and food due to the pursuing government troops.

Parungao urged the other rebels to surrender as there is new life for them.

“There are still those who remain in the mountains and jungles because they do not know the truth of the protected peace when they surrender. Let it be known that surrender means new life for them. NPA commanders tell their people that if one surrenders, death awaits them, pure lies,” he said.