Duterte tells TF Bangon Marawi to ‘race against time’ to completely rehabilitate war-torn city


President Rodrigo Duterte ordered Monday, July 25, the Task Force Bangon Marawi to “race against time” to finish the rehabilitation of the war-torn Marawi City.

Duterte, in his last State of the Nation Address, said the victory in Marawi in 2017 was a testament of how the Filipinos’ patriotism is far stronger than any extremist group.

“As I have said before, many times, there is no room for lawlessness in this country,” he said.

But he acknowledged that rebuilding better Marawi remains still not completed.

“To Task Force Bangon Marawi, we need to race against time. And you have to finish the necessary work to rehabilitate the war-torn city and bring back its [displaced] families back home,” Duterte said.

Thousands of families lost their homes during the five-month battle between the government troops and the terrorist group in Marawi four years ago.