Duterte remembers mom on Mother’s Day: Nakita ko ang hirap niya


By Prince Golez

For Mothers’ Day, President Rodrigo Duterte wished all the mothers a life of happiness and contentment.

In a video message, Duterte said he witnessed the hard work his mother, Soledad endured for the family.

“Sa lahat ng mga nanay sa Pilipinas at sa buong mundo na lang, Happy Mother’s Day at I’d wish you a very happy and contended life,” according to the President.

“I know how’s it to be a mother because may nanay ako at nakita ko ang hirap at ginhawa ginawa niya para sa pamilya niya. Pero mabuhay kayong lahat mga nanay,” he added.

Duterte previously admitted he’s a mama’s boy.

“I love my mother so much. You know why? Kasi she was the only person who kept faith in me,” the Chief Executive said in a speech in May 2018.