Duterte on why he’s best of friends with ex-wife: Baka upakan ako ni Inday!

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heir marriage was shattered 18 years ago but President Rodrigo Duterte still has fond memories of ex-wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman.

In a speech in Iloilo, Duterte recalled how he was smitten the first time he laid eyes on the Filipin-German beauty while she was doing her chores as flight stewardess.

“Noon. Kaganda niyan. Kapayat. Magdaan ‘yan sa eroplano, inaamoy ko talaga. ‘Ang ganda nito’,” he said.

When he learned she was from Davao, he immediately pursued her and married her.

“Tapos naghiwalay kami kay mahirap ‘yung ano, ‘yung mga half-breed. Eh German. Eh ikaw, Española ka ‘no? Mas arang-arang ‘to. German, mahirap,” said Duterte.

The couple broke up after 27 years of marriage and three children because Zimmerman could not stand his womanizing.

But time does heal all wounds and Duterte said he and Zimmerman have patched up their differences.

“We’re on good terms now. The best of friends nga eh,” he said.

In jest, Duterte said this was all because of their eldest child, Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte.

“Kasi nandiyan si Inday. Puta, baka upakan… The reason why behave ako kasi… Si Inday, okay lang. Hindi man ako takot diyan sa mga asawa ko. Takot ako kay Inday. Kasi si Inday nagbubudyak eh. Baka pati… gikulatang ‘yung sheriff. Baka ikaw pa,” said Duterte.

Six years ago, TV cameras caught Sara pummeling a court sheriff for insisting on demolishing shanties in her city.