Duterte justifies having 2 wives: Kung kotse may spare tire, tao pa kaya!

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President Rodrigo Duterte is not one to apologize for having two wives and several girlfriends.

In fact, he always rubs it in your face every time he wants to make his audience laugh in speeches.

“To be honest, I have two wives. One is from a town near Danao which is also my father’s hometown. But I forgot the name of the place. My in-laws are from there, too. But my wife’s father is German-American. So that’s why Inday takes after the… Inday is the toughest Bisaya woman,” said Duterte in a speech Tagobon, Cebu.

“I have a second wife. I have one child with her. So I have two wives,” he added.

Duterte has as many justifications for being a playboy as he has girlfriends but this one takes the cake:

“If a vehicle, which is made of metal, would need a spare tire, how much more for us human beings?” he said.

He did forget to mention that vehicles carry only one spare tire.

There is also a growing trend of automakers selling cars without the standard spare tire to reduce weight in cars to improve fuel economy.