Duterte hopes deployment of more soldiers in Sulu to temper violence


President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed hope that the deployment of additional soldiers in Sulu would weaken the lawless and terrorist groups in the area.

Duterte, in a speech in Tagaytay City Thursday, January 3, cited the “ruthlessness” of ISIS, the new enemy of humanity.

Some terrorist groups, including the Sulu-based Abu Sayyaf Group, have pledged allegiance to ISIS.

“And they do just go about decapitating soldiers, mga bata, seven years old o eight years old na hindi nakabayad,” he said.

“You know, I ordered the deployment of one division there. I hope it would temper their cruelty and ruthlessness kasi mukhang ayaw ko rin na ganunin mo lang rin ako. I mean you should not,” Duterte said.

The government has been asking the Abu Sayyaf members to return to the fold of law.