Duterte doubts if being forced to speak English in Ateneo did him good: Ngayon nila gawin sa akin ‘yan, ipa-deport ko sila!


President Rodrigo Duterte isn’t really high on his extended high school life in Ateneo de Davao not only because of the sexual abuses by its priests.

Duterte also has bad memories about being forced to speak in English and getting punished for speaking Visayan. Duterte doubts if this teaching style did him or his classmates any good.

“Marami nang namatay sa classmate ko. Parehas ‘yan si (Finance Secretary Sonny) Dominguez, kababata ko ‘yan. Noon sa eskuwela sa Ateneo during our time, if you are heard or caught speaking in the vernacular, jogging ka. Jogging is 1,000 words after school, you are detained there. I will not talk and I will always talk in English.

Maski na pabaluktot ka pa-English-English ka diyan, kailangan mag-English ka,” said Duterte in a briefing.

“I don’t know if it has improved my character or not. Lahat kami noon ‘di makapagsalita ng… Ngayon iyan gawain mo sa akin? I-deport kita. T*** i** niyo. Why should I not talk in the vernacular? This is my country. You have to teach me another way of doing it but not as a sort of a punishment just because I am talking in Visayan,” he added.

Duterte finished high school in seven years. He was expelled from Ateneo de Davao (after putting thumbtacks on the seat of his teacher) and finished high school in Holy Cross of Digos (now Cor Jesu College) in Digos City, according to his BFF and former classmate, Davao City Administrator Jesus Melchor Quitain in a TV interview.