Dayang Sahali flexes local mat weaves in Tawi-Tawi


The young Mindanaoan wants to preserve the Filipino heritage!

Ruby Sahali’s daughter, Alyssa and Dayang recently shared their fun filled visit to the Balimbing mat weavers in Panglima Sugala. The young social entrep shared how she was awe-struck with the talent, passion, and grit of the weavers for our culture.

“Blessed to be able to speak to the women who possess hands that weave our culture, hands that are part of our history”, she wrote.

Together with her sister Alyssa, they personally tried doing the activity as well as seaweed farming. She added that most people think that (seaweed) farming is an all male job, but women at home do most of the work, tending the seaweed to dry and tying them up again so they could be planted.