Davao City wants to copy ComVal school feeding program


The Davao City government is eyeing Compostela Valley as its model in implementing school feeding program, an official said.

City Social Services and Development Office (CSSDO) head Maria Luisa Bermudo said a team, including her, has completed a bench-marking visit to Compostela Valley to look at the best practices on the school-based feeding program.

She said her office will study how they can develop the same project in the city or re-design to fit the Davao’s school children situation.

“This is for the benefit of the pupils. Through the project, they will have their lunch that will be prepared by personnel of the city government. The aim is to ensure that the children are eating healthy food,” she said.

Under the program, Bermudo said a kitchen will be set up in each district and deliver the food to the schools.

“There is really a big difference in the nutritional level of the kids in Comval after they implemented the program two years ago,” she said.

Bermudo said the program will be a big help to address malnutrition of the children.