Davao City sets guidelines vs COVID-19 threat


The city government of Davao has issued guidelines against the threat of coronavirus disease, including the cancellation of flag ceremony and retreat.

The guidelines were made after President Rodrigo Duterte issued Proclamation No. 922 on March 8, declaring a state of public health emergency in the country.

In the updated guidelines, the local government said flag ceremony and retreat are canceled until after the public health emergency is lifted or withdraw.

“Employees are instructed to clean and disinfect their offices, individual personal spaces, and areas that are frequently used by the public. Heads of offices are mandated to create a daily disinfection schedule for frequently touched surfaces inside their offices. Household cleaning agents can be used,” the local government said.

It also directed the employees to ban from receiving personal visitors and only individuals who have transactions with the government are allowed in the officers.

Offices should also make available to the public hand sanitizers and alcohol before entering and leaving the offices.

Employees were also asked to practice regular handwashing using soap and water.

The city government also ordered the cancellation or postponement of all Araw ng Barangay celebrations as well as the conduct of caravan of government services.

Even foreign travels of employees for leisure and vacation were cancelled.

“Anyone caught in violation shall be dismissed or shall be charged administratively,” the city government said.

It also urged private organizations, business establishments, and other offices to postpone non-essential mass gathering.

“In the absence of an official advisory from the Department of Education and Commission on Higher Education, schools are mandated to implement distance learning and provide home assignments and worksheets, accelerate their school calendar to shorten the school year and postpone recognition and graduation activities until after the Public Health Emergency is lifted or withdrawn,” it said.

The city government also directed the various government agencies on what to do amid the COVID-19 threat.

“DTI is mandated to ensure that the price freeze is implemented and that those guilty of profiteering shall be reported for cancellation of business permit and padlocked for indefinite closure,” it added.