Davao City requesting for Dabawenyos’ preferred vax for booster shots


The Davao City government is seeking for more anti-Covid vaccines preferred by the Dabawenyos for the intensified rollout of the booster shots in the city.

Davao City Covid-19 Task Force Spokesperson Dr. Michelle Schlosser noted a low turnout of the booster dose due to the people’s preference of a heterologous booster over the homologous booster vaccination. She said this has been taken into account by the Task Force.

The heterologous booster vaccination is the mixed dose of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine which is not the same as their first and second dose, while homologous booster vaccination is the same brand of vaccines administered for the first and second doses.

Currently, Schlosser said that majority of the vaccines for booster shots available are Sinovac and AstraZeneca since these are also the vaccine brands rolled out for the general population for the first and second doses.

“People are given choice if they want to have heterologous or homologous. Between efficacy and safety people opts for efficacy and we understand that,” she said.

Regardless of heterologous or mixed dose and homologous booster dose, Schlosser underscored that getting a booster dose is very important given an expected surge of coronavirus cases and the threat of Omicron variant.

“Unfortunately, for the past two days our cases doubled from 16 to 32. I hate to admit it but we are expecting the rise of cases. What we are trying to do is to mitigate the risk of massive surge especially overwhelming our health systems,” the official said.