Davao City reopens Agdao Public Market


The Davao City government reopened Tuesday, June 2, the Agdao Public Market after its temporary closure due to nine positive cases of coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

City Economic Enterprise Office (CEEO) head Maribeth Lumactod advised the vendors and laborers of the public market to observe stringent measures to prevent further spread of Covid-19.

The CEEO laid down the guidelines for strict implementation, such as intensive cleaning of the market in the morning and in the afternoon; installation of plastic dividers to prevent direct contact between vendors and customers; provision of hand sanitizers and alcohol; and no eating inside the stalls.

Lumactod also said that a no face mask, no entry policy must be observed.

She said that only one helper is allowed for every stall at all times. Helpers are also required to wear shirts at all times, similar to the requirement for laborers and butchers.

“The reopening of Agdao Public Market is a good sign both sa atong mga vendors kay makabalik na man sila sa ilang mga panginabuhian and sa atong buying public kay aduna na sila’y maadtoan nga medyo duol na sa ilang residences,” she said.

Lumactod said the market should be emptied of people by 6:00 p.m. and that no one is allowed in before 6:00 a.m.

“The precautionary measures nga atong implement will strengthen the policies already implemented by the city government. These measures are for the good of the buying public as well as that of the vendors themselves,” she added.