Datu Shahbandar Abdusakur Tan gets up close with Malaysian celebs

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The Malaysian artists were given a warm welcome in Sulu.

Royal Council of the Sulu Sultanate special envoy Datu Shahbandar Abdusakur Tan recently met with Malaysian celebrities. The Politiko gave a warm welcome to singer and composer Julfekar Ahmad Shah II, Sabah-based lyricist Nelson Dino, and “Tibuuka Na” Diva Min Yasmin II in Sulu. The group gave an impromptu performance of selected upcoming local recording artists held in Sumadja Hall, Sulu.

The musicians also had a chat and exchanged insights with Maimbung City Mayor Hj Samier Tan during a chance engagement in Sulu Area Coordinating Center. The Malaysian celebrities visited the Philippines for a couple of projects.