Darrela Kate Necessario shows support to fellow Dabawenyo artists


The long-time gf of Baste Duterte is super supportive of the local art industry.

Darrela Kate Necessario, the fit and fab long time girlfriend of Presidential son and Davao Vice Mayoralty candidate Sebastian “Baste” Duterte recently expressed her support to local Davao artists. On her Instagram, the fine arts student shared a photo of her wearing a pair of earrings from Fashion Designer Kay Fanlo and urged her followers to support Davao artists.

Darrela Kate, a motorcycling buddy of Mayor Inday Sara, is currently finishing her degree in art at Philippine Women’s University. She is the mom of four-year-old Presidential apo Yair Duterte, who’s currently in pre-school. She has also spent the holidays with the Zimmerman-Duterte fam