Daddy snuggles: Kitty Duterte bonds with dad


The President is indeed a family man, especially when it comes to his youngest baby girl, Kitty.

He might be busy attending to matters concerning national issues, but President Rodrigo Duterte definitely knows how to balance his time for family. A photo recently circulated online showing him and his youngest daughter Veronica “Kitty” Duterte having a dad and daughter moment. On the photo posted by Duterte supporter Franco Mabanta, the thirteen year old Presidential daughter can be seen snuggling with her dad, clad in their simple home clothes.

“Still too young to understand how heavy the world weighs on her dad’s shoulders…and just how much he needs her to keep himself upright”, Mabanta captioned the photo which he said is originally from Malacañang.

It is also worth noting that a replica of the famous Juan Luna painting Spoliarium can be seen hanging on the background.