Dad-and-son bonding: Uno Duterte is a certified papa’s boy


Paolo Duterte’s youngest is truly a carbon copy of his papa.

Youngest Presidential apo Paolo “Uno” Duterte II, was recently photographed with his twinsie, his dad, Davao Representative Paolo “Pulong” Duterte. The Presidential apo shared a photo of him and his dad on his Instagram, while enjoying a cool dip in a pool in Singapore.

After Paolo resigned from his post in December 2017, the Politiko expressed his intent to just spend more time with his kids and family. Following his break from politics, former VM Pulong recently won as 1st district representative of Davao City during the 2019 midterm elections.

Uno is the youngest son of Paolo Duterte with his second wife, January Navares. He has three older kids with his former wife, Lovelie Sangkola Sumera, namely Omar, Rodrigo II and Isabelle.