Dabawenyos told ‘not to be choosy’ with Covid-19 vaccine brand


The Davao City Covid-19 Task Force has urged the Dabawenyos “not to be choosy” with the brand of Covid-19 vaccines to be administered on them.

Covid-19 Spokesperson Dr. Michelle Schlosser noted that some vaccination hubs allocated with anti-Covid vaccines are almost empty because people back away after learning of the type of vaccine to be used.

“Some vaccination sites is almost empty due to vaccine preference. Even those who are scheduled do not come because of type of vaccine,” Schlosser said.

She sought the cooperation of the public and not “be choosy” because the city also depends on the vaccine allocation from the national government.

“I am asking the public, that there’s no vaccine that cannot protect you from COVID-19. Regardless of what kind of brand, there’s only one goal and that is to protect from COVID-19,” Schlosser said.

She underscored the need for people to be vaccinated as an additional layer of protection amid the rise of cases, especially the highly transmissible and contagious Delta variant.