Crazy Rich Asians ang peg! Lovelie Sangkola flaunts furry OOTD in Beijing


Paolo Duterte’s ex-wife who hails from a prominent family in Mindanao, truly knows how to do her OOTD.

Lovelie Sangkola Sumera, a businesswoman and mom of Presidential grandkids Omar, Isabelle and Rigo, recently unveiled her oh-so-bongga OOTD while at a vacay in Beijing, China. Ms. Lovelie, known for throwing her daughter Isabelle a million-peso debut party early this year, posted a photo of her clad in a white fur coat complemented by an elegant looking white pearl necklace. The photo was taken at New World Beijing Hotel during their family vacation last August.

Ms. Lovelie said that her photo was taken by her youngest, Alexa Sumera, her daughter with her husband RJ Sumera. Her marriage with Paolo Duterte was officially annulled in 2005.