Cong. Bai Rihan Sakaluran meets vlogger Bret Maverick


The Canadian actor/vlogger is super thrilled to meet the provincial “Princess”.

Famous vlogger Bret Maverick recently met Congresswoman Bai Rihan Sakaluran, as part of the annual Kanduli Festival. On his Facebook, the internet star posted a photo of him and the Congresswoman.

“Your boy is in town for a few days along with the #Hmp motocross fam! I am here for the Kanduli festival. Congress woman Princess Rihan Mangudadatu Sakaluran personally invited me here to come check out what their beautiful municipality has to offer! (Gwapa kaayo sya? 😄 )”, he wrote on his page.

He further narrated that the event will kick off with the Tilapia Banka boat races and expressed how happy he is to be gracing the week-long event.