Cong. Bai Rihan Sakaluran fangirls over President Duterte


The Politiko couldn’t help but idolize the country’s executive chief, her fellow Mindanaoan leader.

Sultan Kudarat Representative Bai Rihan Sakaluran recently imparted her thoughts on how much she looks up to President Rodrigo Duterte. On her Facebook, Cong. Bai Rihan reposted a certain online narrative on the President’s work. She attested on the hard work the President shows.

“I salute our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte for his political will, his ambition for our country, his hopes and dreams for the people. No one or nobody is perfect in this world but it’s time that we should stop criticizing each other and start working together and seeing the good in everything especially for what he is doing for this country”, she wrote.

She ended her lengthy post with the reminder that building a nation is not a one man job, but rather a collective job for everyone.