Cong. Angel Amante-Matba’s son apologizes for sharing unverified news


The son of one of the most influential Politikos in Mindanao took accountability in his actions.

Jorge Amante Matba, son of Congresswoman Angel Amante-Matba and husband Rashidin Matba, publicly apologized for sharing an unverified news on his social media account. On a lengthy post, he said that a message, shared privately with his friends, circulated online, without his knowledge.

“It was an unverified info received thru text that I shared privately among my friends and should have remained private as it was still unverified and did not mean to cause unnecessary panic among the public, the residents of the said community and the Butuan LGU”, he wrote.

He apologized and reminded everyone to keep following the precautionary measures. He also added that he’ll be on the lookout on his friends list, with the incident prompting him to choose who to trust.