Chinese ally! Fema Duterte reminisces travels to Wuhan, China


The Presidential relative has established relations with her Chinese counterparts.

Former Nayong Pilipino Executive Maria Fema Duterte recently shared her throwback photos from her travels to Wuhan, China in 2019. On her Facebook, the Presidential relative shared a couple of photos, back when she was doing official city-visits to certain provinces in China.

“Two years ago today….. during my second time visit in Wuhan City , Province of Hubei ,CHINA. 🇨🇳 Oh my God! 🙏 Wala pang sumingaw na Corona Virus 🦠 in this place during that time”, she wrote.

Ms. Fema has always been an advocate of the Chinese diplomatic connections. She often travels to China to establish rapport, citing their progressive direction.