Check out the footwear Isabelle Duterte’s going to wear on her debut

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Hint: It’s from a local shoe designer known for his bridal footwear creations.

Daughter of Paolo Duterte, Isabelle Lovelie Duterte, chose a nice name in the local industry who produced her shoes for her grand 18th birthday party. The seventeen year old shared her custom-made footwear on her Instagram account, produced by the one and only Jefferson Si. The young shoe maker is well-known in the wedding industry, and has an advocacy of promoting Marikina-produced footwear.

As for Isabelle, Mr. Si created a custom-made 6-feet pair, which is just one of the many shoes that Isabelle will be wearing on her debut on Friday, January 19.

Jefferson Si’s creations for custom-made footwear starts at P9,000 for basic variants.