BOC seizes smuggled goods in Davao City


The Bureau of Customs (BOC) has confiscated four shipments containing misdeclared onions, magic sugar, candies, mosquito coils, and used clothing in Davao City.

Customs Commissioner Isidro Lapena said two of the shipments from China arrived at Sasa Wharf in Davao City on separate dates, while the other two came from Indonesia and United States to Davao International Container Terminal (DICT).

“Customs authorities have intercepted in Sasa Wharf the shipments of Janrev Enterprises which is declared to contain plastic plates but was found to contain 401 cartons of Snowbear candy, and 869 cartons of mosquito coil, and the imports of Bizreal Trading International found to contain apples mixed with 6,300 sacks of onion,” he said.

Also seized at the DICT were shipments of Mahmud Enterprises and Kobeasan Trading for misdeclaring bales of ukay-ukay, 275 boxes of magic sugar, and 115 boxes of lotion.

The goods were declared as bedsheets, shoes, pillowcases, stuffed toys, and bags.

Another shipment at the DICT was subjected to an alert order after the x-ray machine revealed images appearing to be “sacks of onions” which was different from the declared item, Lapena said. The shipment was also consigned to Bizreal Trading International.

The Office of the District Collector has issued warrants of seizure and detention (WSD) upon the recommendation of the X-ray Inspection Project, Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service, and Enforcement and Security Service for violating Section 1400 and Section 1113 paragraphs of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act.

The seized ukay-ukay also violated RA 4653 or “An Act to Safeguard the Health of the People and maintain the Dignity of the Nation by declaring it a National Policy to Prohibit the Commercial Importation of Textile articles commonly known as Used Clothing and Rags.”