Bigay ng China! VM Duterte distributes over 300 laptops to qualified students


Davao City Vice Mayor Sebastian “Baste” Duterte, along with Chinese Consul General Li Lin, led Friday, October 16, the distribution of over 300 laptops to qualified high school students in the city.

China’s Consulate Generals Office in Davao City donated the 310 Huawei laptops and they were distributed under the city government’s “Students’ Siblings Laptop Sharing Project” that aims to help qualified student beneficiaries with their online classes during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I encourage you to study diligently and be more determined to finish your education, so you can also pay it forward one day and help your families,” Duterte told the beneficiaries.

“While we are fighting the virus – boys and girls, please stay at home, stay safe, study hard, and be prepared to serve the country and make contribution to our friendship when it’s your turn” Li, for his part, said during the distribution of the gadgets.