Big wedding soon! Jason Magbanua teases Politiko’s grandiose wedding in Mindanao


A big wedding of a mystery Mindanaoan Politiko is currently brewing up, with an expected guest headcount of 1,500.

Renowned wedding videographer Jason Magbanua recently teased about a high-profile client who’s going to tie the knot soon. Mr. Magbanua, on his Instagram account, shared a photo of him with the concealed faces of the couple, who are heavily guarded by a security team. The videographer said that the bride, a former Congresswoman in Mindanao, and the groom will be having a 1,500-headcount wedding in Zamboanga.

“Next meeting was interesting because three security personnel knocked on our door to make sure it was our office. Understandable because she was a congresswoman from Mindanao”, he narrated.

Mr. Magbanua further expressed his excitement in covering a traditional Muslim wedding.

Who could it be? Any guesses? Let us know in the comments section!