Benglen Ecleo inspires Dinagat Islands to bounce back


The Politiko highlighted the need to move forward after the devastation of Typhoon Odette.

Dinagat Islands former ruling family Ecleo clan shared how the province needs to rise from the devastation caused by typhoon Odette. The political matriarch’s castle in the sky was also wrecked by the heavy typhoon that heavily affected parts of VisMin area. Former Vice Governor Benglen Ecleo shared his thoughts on his page.

‘Babangon tayo! Mag tiwala lang sa maykapal 🥰🙏’, he wrote.

Former VG Benglen, who’s been in a long term relationship with SK Chair Ford Fernandez, is the son of ex Governor Glenda Ecleo, and is an official of the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association, the religious group founded by Ruben Ecleo.