Baste’s girlfriend rides her bike ala Inday Sara


Just like her sis-in-law, the former Mutya ng Davao is also a badass motorcycle rider.

Darrela Kate Necessario, the longtime girlfriend of running Davao City Vice Mayor Sebastian “Baste” Duterte Recently showed off her motorcycle riding skills. The mom of Presidential app Yair Duterte shared a clip of her moto cycling on her Instagram stories. The former beauty pageant contestant, clad in a helmet and casual clothes, rode on her big bike in the video clip.

Darrela Kate, a motorcycling buddy of Mayor Inday Sara, is currently finishing her degree in art. She is the mom of four-year-old Presidential apo Yair Duterte, who’s currently in pre-school. She is also often spotted with the Zimmerman-Duterte family.