Baste’s gf Darrela Kate hangs out with Inday Sara, Elizabeth Zimmerman


The Presidential daughter shared a photo of the three Duterte ladies hanging out at Club Samal, in Samal Island, Davao.

It seems like Darrela Kate Necessario, the long time girlfriend of Sebastian Duterte, has formed a special bond with sis-in-law Inday Sara Duterte and mom-in-law Elizabeth Zimmerman. On her Instagram account, Mayor Inday Sara shared a photo which honors her mom by recounting her experiences growing up with Teacher Elizabeth, and how she helped her mama in checking test papers of her mom’s students.

“Ako ay anak ni teacher Elizabeth. Dumaan din ako sa sa pagchi-check ng mga test paper ninyo lalo na sa Typing at Rizal subjects sa PWC 🤣🤣🤣 Happy Teacher’s Day sa inyo. Remember that you are an influencer in a child’s life, make it happen”, she wrote on her page.

The three can be seen happily posing while cozying up at Club Samal Resort in Davao City.

Darrela Kate, mom of Presidential apo Yair, is often spotted hanging out with Mayor Inday, and even joining her in her bike and motorcycling escapades.