Baste Duterte’s cute mag-ina goes cycle riding in Davao

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The mom and son duo took the roads of Davao, and happily rode their badass cycle.

It looks like the young Presidential apo Yair Duterte is also into cycling like mom and Aunt Inday! On her Instagram account, former FHM model and athlete Darrela Kate Necessario, long time girlfriend of Baste Duterte, shared a clip of her and her son Yair, happily riding along the roads of Davao. She also referenced Wonder Woman and Black Panther on her post, with heir cute superhero outfits.

The pretty partner of Baste eventually clarified that she and Yair are riding a three wheeled vehicle, and that she is well aware of road safety guidelines. This came after she received messages from netizens who were worried about Yair’s safety.