Basta dilaw ayaw! Duque apologizes to Duterte for using yellow marker on COVID report


President Rodrigo Duterte doesn’t only abhor “dilawan” critics, he hates to see the color yellow.

During a briefing, Duterte couldn’t hide his scorn upon reading an official report by Health Secretery Francisco Duque on the latest COVID statistics highlighted with a yellow marker.

“Dito sa previous page, mayroon ditong naka — it is heightened by a yellow — 20,178 ang active cases, 15 percent decrease in two weeks. Ito ba’y dilawan lang? Walang ano?” said Duterte in a mocking tone.

Duque was quick with his apology which elicited some laughs: “Sorry for the color shade.”

Duterte took the opportunity to take a swipe at his yellow critics who have been critical of his COVID response. “”I’m really satisfied with the response of the local government. Alam mo sa totoo lang mga kababayan ko huwag kayong masyadong maniwala diyan sa mga atake-atake na ano, it will just muddle up your mind,” said Duterte..