Basilan officials, Abu Sayyaf militant surrender firearms to military


Basilan government officials and an alleged Abu Sayyaf bandit have surrendered their firearms to the military in the province.

Joint Task Force Basilan commander Brig. Gen. Fernando Reyeg said the barangay officials in Albarka and Ungkaya Pukan turned over undocumented firearms to the government troops Wednesday, January 15.

Abu Sayyaf militant Fahad Abdul Ajid, along with his firearm, surrendered to soldiers of the 18th Infantry Battalion on the same day.

Quoting Ajid, Reyeg said that the bandit, a follower of Abu Sayyaf leader Nurhassan Jamiri, yielded to to the authorities after his former colleague encouraged him to do so.

The 18th IB received two shotguns, one carbine, one 40mm M203 Grenade launcher, one M79 M203 Grenade launcher, one Thompson caliber 45 auto, and two Garand rifles from Ajid and the barangay officials.