Barangay chairman on drug watchlist meets maker


A Barangay chairman whose name appeared in the Philippine National Police (PNP) drug watchlist was gunned down and killed by motorcycle-riding men, reports over the weekend said.

The fatality was identified as Barangay Saray, Chairman Robert “Dodong” Fuentes.

Fuentes was on board a patrol vehicle with members of the local peacekeeping action team Thursday afternoon when the shooting occurred, an ABS-CBN report said on Friday (May 19).

The report said the victim’s vehicle was moving slowly at that time due to traffic, thus allowing the motorbike-riding gunmen to target him.

Apparently, Fuentes’s brother Ronald, alias “Tata,” was also slain by unidentified individuals last year. His name was also on the cops’ drug watchlist.

Police are still investigating both murders.