Arturo Duterte goes matchy matchy with mom in Gucci


The youngest Presidential apo sa tuhod is a jetsetter and a fashion icon in the making!

Omar Vincent Duterte’s son, Godfred “Arturo” Duterte is truly a young fashion icon in the making with his all-Gucci OOTD. On her Facebook, Omar’s wifey Jennifer shared a photo of her and her cute son during one of the many travels this year in Singapore.

“Twinning with my baby ♥️ #igotitfrommymama”, she captioned his post.

Omar is the eldest son of Paolo Duterte with his former wife, Lovelie Sangkola. He is married to pretty Davaoena, Jen Tan Duterte, who also has a penchant for luxurious brands and accessories.

Twinning with my baby ♥️ #igotitfrommymama

Posted by Jenny Tan Yamuta on Monday, 9 December 2019