Ang ganda kasi! Bai Sandra Sema couldn’t resist Turkish carpets


Amidst the threat of COVID-19, the tour goes on!

Political officer and consultant Bai Sandra Sema is truly smitten with the breathtaking designs of Turkey’s carpets. On her Facebook, the former Congresswoman shared a photo of her during her visit at the Carpet Weavers Center in Turkey, with her hubby. She recounted how she told her husband how much she adores the carpets being sold.

“Hubby: you bought from Morocco na. Dont buy”, her husband was quoted in the post.

Bai Sandra and her hubby are currently touring around Turkey and visiting key tourist spots in the area.

Wool, cotton and silk carpets.Me: pang so nice ang carpets🙏Hubby: you bought from Morocco na. Dont buy.Me:😞😞😞

Posted by Bai Sandra Sema on Wednesday, March 11, 2020